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You can become an affiliate and make money simply by referring your friends and family to become a part of history and order the first ever African pride sneakers.

When you join the program, you will receive a customized link for you to promote and send to your friends, family, and colleagues. With this code, we can track all of your sales and you will receive a commission on every sale that you have. 

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 men's adidas porsche design bounce shoes


men's adidas porsche design bounce shoes

  • Posted on by Brother Derrick EC Collier

    I’m a Member of The Black Liberation Militia. We need these as apart of our uniform.

  • Posted on by Cp

    I signed up for the affiliate program, but it didn’t give me a link. I just see a blank page with order status or payment status but no link to send people to. And it gave me an id number but no link. I have a lot of people interested already

  • Posted on by Christopher O'Bryant

    I’m down to push these in Boston area

  • Posted on by Gwendolyn Johnson

    Want like to place an order and request distributorship authorization. Please contact me at 1-202-749-1337.

  • Posted on by Roslyn

    I can’t seem to sign up before I start promoting this shoe on my social media platforms.

men's adidas porsche design bounce shoes

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I keep these in my car and I LOVE them. It is like seeing the world in glare free HD. They are also great on the water or when the sun is just too bright for my transitional lenses.
I like the bag but feel it is too large for me. Will make someone a nice Christmas present.
Thank you.
Oh my goodness I cannot even express how delighted I am with my purchase .
The leather is the same high-quality as my Dooney! The hardware is awesome , and the workmanship is exquisite. It has beautiful lining and perfect pockets. Ive always needed to carry a little bag inside my big bag to accommodate my things, but not anymore. I love the bucket style.
I can fit my planner plus my iPad and everything else that I need for my day .
The handles are adjustable, very comfortable & secure .
Couldnt be more pleased.... and especially for the great price.
Thank you!
My son loves them
Well made leather. Will buy again.
Long time Costa fan that slowly grew tired of sending back for repairs. Friend turned me on to MJ and Im so thankful. Truly the best lens on the market.
Good hat
Very well made wallet
I feel ok with the shorts, it's very comfortable.
Presented as a gift and received with thanks by the recipient. Just what was needed.
I ordered these to send to the local rescue mission due to an increased demand as a result of current affairs. They arrived just as described.
Love love love this set! I wear them almost eveyday. Im so obsessed!
I have been buying these for years on end. Just got the 6 pack in 1 day. nice and saft, no tag which is great! these undershirt last forwever - perfect for under a office shirt, or to keep warm on a winters day. fit is perfect.
nice bag. looks just like the picture but is much larger than I was expecting. I don't know why I was expecting it to be somewhat smaller since they give the dimensions, so it's entirely my fault. I think it would help a lot it bags are photographed with a person.
Got it for my son and he lives it
Thin but lightweight and so far durable, have been using as regular purse, I carry books, a wallet, and a water bottle and it holds all that with more space
Very nice sunglasses for the price. Can you spend $150.00 and get better sunglasses? Sure! But why?
They run small. The 38 fits my 34 waist.
Great price for two pairs of sweats! The only negative part, no pockets
My only gripe was I expected to receive solid-colored muted colors like the photo, the first order was good, but the second time I ordered I got two pairs of striped drawers mixed in? First world problems, I know. It's been a struggle, but I've made it through somehow.
It is exactly what I wanted and more! Perfect length to wear with leggings. I ordered a size XL and I am 5'1 it reached right at my upper thigh. Super soft inside and feels not too hot or cold. Maybe on a cold cold day I would put something under but on a regular 65/75 weather here in California it's just right on its own.
great for sports
I bought these for my husband and he loves them. If they go on sale again he said to get hime
another pair.
Not too tight, just right. Good support.
My husband wears these shirts to protect him from the sun's rays. Loves the color.
I've had these for over a year and they work well. They're a bit big on me, but I have a small head I guess. I use these a lot on long trips. They look goofy, but they work great to reduce my eye strain due to sunlight. Very functional.
I purchased these for my daughter she loves them she is 13
Excellent shirts at a great price!
I have purchased the same size at WalMart for 5 years. Got this and much smaller than the one I have bought......
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