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Sneakerscustom.com is a new, innovative way to generate income for schools, organizations or anyone with aspirations of making their own sneaker brand. The first product launched was a beautiful black canvas sneaker with red & green trim that’s an instant eye-catcher. The Red, Black & Green sneaker is quickly becoming a favorite for conscious African-Americans in the USA, Caribbean and even the United Kingdom.

We have created an innovative distribution pipeline by selling direct to wholesalers and consumers via the website. The Sneakerscustom.com wholesale program features a low-cost system for other entrepreneurs to get involved in a fast growing business.


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50 custom african canvas sneakers for $1,000 USD ($20 each). Each sneaker retails for $40 USD, which allows the wholesaler to make a profit of $20 USD per pair. 

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50 custom leather african sneakers for $2,000 USD ($40 each). Each sneaker retails for $80 USD, which allows the wholesaler to make a profit of $40 USD per pair.

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mens designer shoes clearance sale uk

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    I’m interested in your wholesale program, please email me with information on how to become apart of the program.

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    We are the exclusive distributor of custom basins for the building trades. There’s always a need for a bathroom. Whether its builders or residential, etc, we have a product for our customers.
    We’ve just became a supplier to one of the biggest retailers in the USA! The markets are very favorable right now but you got to have the right product. Call us if you want to know more. https://www.facebook.com/basindesignsunlimited/

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    I have an ideal in mind and is looking to start a brand of my own first so how can I invest in myself.

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    I am interested in wholesale.8707407321

mens designer shoes clearance sale uk

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Excellent wallet for what I carry. Great price
Was a little big on my 11 year old, but totally served the purpose it was purchased for. (He needed it under his mask for his Halloween costume). Held up well also. Well stash it away for future use.
My height is 172 cm, and s fits me well. the material is great, you will like it. Very comfortable.
A little small but nothing too bad
Two colors in one belt is a huge benefit.
Its heavier than expected but thats a good thing. Bought a hoodie at twice the price and it wasn't half as good as this one. Was worried about the fit but it is perfect. I ware it under my leather jacket when riding in the cold. Keeps me nice and toasty in 30degree weather.
Unbeatable for price. Met my expectation.
Well, theyre underwear. Nothing special, exactly what my husband wanted. The mediocre rating is because I ordered the blue pack but received grey and black. Its definitely not the end of the world for us (again, its underwear) but orders should still be fulfilled properly.
mi nieta esta muy contenta
I really like the size of this backpack and the color is really pretty. The o my thing that I dont like is the clasp. It can be a bit awkward to do up. But over all a great buy
This is great for someone who likes gymnastics.

This necklace was lovely. It was pretty. It was dainty, but not too small. It is pretty versatile and will work for a great deal of settings and people. I think it would be good for anyone from a child to an adult.

I thought it was unique. It came packaged nicely. It would make a good gift. The quality seemed good.

It was very comfortable to wear. It was flattering on. I felt it was reasonable. I would recommend it.

It is nice to get real sterling silver.
fit and comfort, gonna be a great fishing hat!!
reasonably price and efficient. I really love this wallet
Nice, soft and stretchy material. Fit great, even without tying the drawstrings. Looking forward to trying them out this summer!
Perfect fit for my 9 year old.. we got these to wear with her volleyball uniform and they were great. Good length and quality..
These were a little large, but I expected that since I have small feet. I used to buy Russell Athletic socks from Costco, but Costco stopped selling those. Since then I have tried all kinds of brands to replace my old socks. I think I have finally found them. I am planning to buy a few more packs of these.
They are beautiful and functional, but scratch very easily.
Perfect fit for couple of months, but after couple laundry it becomes loose.
My wife just ripped 3 of the 5 pairs I bought, she got so excited and ended up ruining some of these boxers.
Will buy something else next time.
It was a surprise for my daughter! She loves it.:)
pretty good
Fits all my necessary cards as well as a healthy amount of bills in the magnetic fold
Nice and comfortable
Exactly what I needed. Price was right for quick delivery. Your basic t.
Beautifully crafted great price
Agradable and easy to wash, I love that
exactly what I expected
Very confortable!
I saw this bag at a travel good convention and fell in love with its look and what it offers. When I saw it was available on Amazon, I scooped it up because I need a cross-body bag with multiple pockets and such to take to Italy with me at the end of the month. This bag has everythingenough pockets, RFID, theft-proof straps and bottom, and the perfect color to go with everything. Even more, it is not heavy, so it's going to be perfect for my travels.

UPDATE: I'm changing my rating on this bag as I took it to Italy for five weeks. Within 15 minutes of my taking it out the first time, the metal "U" ring on the front fell off (See photo). I expect something of this supposed quality to last more than 15 minutes. I'm writing the company to resolve this issue and will update when I receive a reply.

UPDATE #2: I received a replacement from Travelon, and it still ha the same kind of closure on it. I am taking it to Ireland next month and will see how it goes with the new one. I do want to compliment Travelon for standing behind their products and for getting back to me promptly. I just hope that they somehow improved the link.
These earrings are pretty cheap looking. Some inexpensive jewelry can pass as more expensive. These can not.
One of my first merino pieces, I was impressed by the temperature regulating qualities and versatility. Wore it on freezing nights for warmth and wind protection and then on hikes in the day time for sun protection. It was easy to pull up to wear in different configurations. Didn't have to wash it the whole trip, something I wouldn't be able to say for polly/cotton.
https://www.hkfeb.com/francepersonnalis527r2x1mn https://www.hkfeb.com/produit801/Ghoud-Baskets-Rush-Cuir-Blanc