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custom shoes for fat feet
Nagast Footwear
RBG Slippers

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custom shoes for fat feet

Great ankle sock. Would buy again!
The underwear rides up even though i bought the bigger size. Im a 32 waist and the large rides up to much to be very active in them.
also the tape that the came package with left a residue that i cant get out of any of the pairs.
Has all the sizes that I needed. And super comfortable to sleep in!
Fits well and smoothly
I really am pleased with this bracelet. The pale, glistening colors remind me of opals. It can be worn with so many colors of clothing! It is dainty and very attractive. It is also adjustable for wrists of different sizes unlike so many stretch type bracelets of today.
This was a gift .... daughter in law says she really likes it.
I'll admit. I bought this wallet purely for the style, the contrasting brown with the black looks nice. Quality is alright, card slots are tight and the material for the money pouches leave a lot to be desired. If you like the look of the wallet and don't care about the fit, go ahead and get it, but if you prefer quality, look elsewhere.
Been wearing these for years, I think it is a great product
I'm in love. It's exactly what I've been looking for. It's very comfortable and stylish. I like that it's nylon so it's light and waterproof. My favorite thing about it is that it opens from the back. Aside from the fact that it's anti-theft, I love that I can reach back and get stuff out of my backpack without taking it off. That's what stopped me from buying a regular backpack. I've recieved many compliments on it and have shared the link with many of my friends. I think I'm going to get the black one as well.
very nice purse!
Love these earrings! The rose gold compliments the opal. The style is classic and versatile enough to wear them when dressing up or just casual.
Very comfortable for the price
Loved this purse..... roomy and has zipper compartments... very nice soft leather.... would definitely order again!
Its money well spent. Love the slim design, and texture. Holds all my cards, and money! Very neat,and can keep organized.
I bought this purse to take to Napa. I needed a medium size purse that would be easy to carry around all day, was cute, but big enough to hold my phone and other items. It was perfect! I've received several compliments and the pockets are nice little separators too. Great quality!
First off, I want to say that I normally don't review products on Amazon, but I feel that these sunglasses have just been a pain since I received them in April. Within the first two weeks both lenses fell out multiple times, and I ended up anchoring them better with a dot of super glue. I will say that the lenses fell out a lot, but were only very lightly scratched so they seemed somewhat better at scratch resistance than other sunglasses I've had.

My main issue is that the plastic on these sunglasses just seem to be terrible quality, you can see in the picture that the arm is broken off and I've only had them for 2 months. I'm not rough on my glasses,I typically just use them when I'm driving. I really like the look and feel, but all that is moot if you cannot even wear the glasses because they just fall apart. I would not buy again.

I've owned much cheaper glasses that have lasted a year or more with the same wear and tear.
Great quality
Way better quality than I expected! They're super cute on too. Love them!
I really like my new sunglasses. They help reduce glare from bright sunlight.
Here's my first impression. Yikes, what a HORRIBLE smell! (And I'm not even very sensitive to smells.) It smelled like an oil refinery or a gas station. Whatever that material is that the belt is made from should be odorless. Or you should find a different material. Or you could do what I did: After just trying (unsuccessfully) to air it out outside for a few hours, I decided to wash it in dish soap and warm water. And that took the odor away.

Other than that, the belt is fine. So far, at least (as I've only worn it for one day so far).
so far so good
Works great
Stays tucked in, perfect fit, nice and comfortable
My favorite pants. Comfy and not too hot
Thanks a lot.
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A warning to purchasers of exofficio give and go boxers. If they have a grey inside waistband and two tags sewn into the waistband return them. They are of inferior quality after washing. The waistband is slack and they attract lint. I have several pair of exofficio in various colors and they are excellent. I don't know the reason for this. I recently received two in red and the waistband is black inside and out with one tag.. They have been washed and are good quality.